services overview


Whether you are looking to acquire a piece of fine art or build a museum quality collection, we work with clients to formulate an acquisition plan. Collection strategies are tailored to a client’s aesthetic interests and cultural vision. We find the best quality pieces to fit within the context of a client’s home, office or institution by sourcing material from private sellers, dealers and auction houses. Our acquisitions are fully transparent so clients can make informed decisions based on reliable market data. 
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Certified Appraisals

Our firm offers expert insurance, donation, IRS, estate and equitable distribution appraisals prepared according to Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), the highest standards in the field. We are Certified and Tested by the Appraisal Institute in D.C. in 20th century and contemporary art and design. Our appraisals are accepted by leading institutions, insurance companies and the IRS. We also offer objective valuation advice as outside experts to insurance companies, banks and venture capitalists.

Cataloguing + Inventory Management

Our experienced registrars create museum quality catalogues supported by state of the art collection software for both short-term and long-term inventory management. Based on the scope of your project and its intended use, we can recommend and train you or your staff on the most up-to-date programs to support your collection management needs. From a simple insurance inventory to a complex estate management system, our firm will help you create a process which is suitable and sustainable for your collection.

Collection Management

Seasoned collectors require ongoing care, maintenance and tracking for their art collections. We provide collection management services with a holistic approach integrating services such as valuation review, insurance review, loss prevention, and risk evaluation to ensure that your collection is property preserved for future generations.

Deaccessioning + Liquidation

If you are selling one art work or liquidating an entire collection, our firm acts as an agent for our clients. We offer discrete advice on pricing, market timing, and best points of sale entry and exits to maximize a client’s returns and minimize the costs of each transaction.  


Donation Advice + Valuation

As UPSAP-tested and Certified appraisers and art market experts, we act as agents to help donate entire collections or to sell individual works of art to non-profits. We advise collectors on the donation of their prized objects to museums by guiding them through the donation process according to the current IRS rules and regulations.

Exhibition + Event Design

We curate exhibitions and design events for companies and individuals using their existing collections or featuring loaned works. Using the American Association of Museums (AAM) standards, we oversee every stage of the exhibition process from concept to insurance, shipment, installation and event planning. We work with corporations to revitalize brands and meet philanthropic goals. We also cultivate sponsors to support our clients’ mission and work cooperatively to match suitable art with sponsors.

Group Tours + Private Seminars

For more than 20 years, we have organized group tours, panels, and seminars for international audiences. We can custom design tours at galleries, art fairs, and international biennales through our various relationships in the field to provide special access for groups of both seasoned and emerging collectors. We can design and provide day long seminars, art historical lectures around your private and corporate needs.